Terms & Conditions



TERMS & CONDITIONS of Two Wheels Motorcycle Tours and Use of Two Wheels Motorcycle Tours Website: 

Throughout these terms the following names or abbreviations mean: 

“TWMT” will stand for and mean Two Wheel Motorcycle Tours

“Participant” means a person or persons who have booked or made a reservation to take part in an TWMT Tour.

Use of this website. When you use Two Wheels Motorcycle Tours Website you agree to these Terms and Conditions. 

From time to time these Terms and Conditions may change and these changes are at the discretion of TWMT. 

Insurance for Tour Participants (personal injury) and Tour Participants Motorcycles.

It is a prerequisite that you have appropriate insurance which covers your Motorcycle and yourself.

TWMT or its contractors or suppliers do not accept responsibility for any accidents or injury to yourself or to your Motorcycle while on Tour with TWMT, or during travel to or from a Tour conducted by TWMT.   It is vital that you have insurance cover for yourself in case of accident to you and or your motorcycle.


Payments and Fees.

All payments via this website are via PayPal or Credit Card. All major credit cards are accepted. If you would like to pay by EFT, cash or other method contact us.


Tour Bookings:

All tour bookings are confirmed on the receipt of full payment.


Tolls/ Fines/Infringements:

TWMT is not responsible for motorway tolls, infringements or parking fees incurred during, on the way to, or after a participant leaves a tour. Tolls and Parking fees are the responsibility of the Participant.


Mechanical issues or accidents: If a mechanical breakdown or accident should happen while on Tour, TWMT will help you to make contact with a suitable Motorcycle Service who can provide help and support. We have Motorcycle repairers we work with and at every opportunity we will endeavour to provide a best solution for the relevant predicament.


Fuel: Fuel for your motorcycle is the responsibility of the rider and not the responsibility of TWMT. Please check upon booking whether your tour price includes fuel.


Cancellation Policy

When your deposit is paid, your accommodation is booked, therefore the cancellation policy of the accommodation which is booked will apply, also a percentage of the total booking fee for the relevant tour will be forfeited to TWMT.

4 weeks prior to tour: 20%

(the chances  that we can acquire another booking within 4 weeks are fairly high )

2 weeks prior to tour: 50%

(the chances of us receiving anther booking within 2 weeks are minimal)

1 Week or less to tour: 75% (the chances of us receiving a booking within one week are next to none)



We endeavour to ensure our website is up to date, you should always check booking details and dates in case of changes. Changes required by you for bookings made with TWMT for our Tours, Products or Services may or can incur extra fees. 

TWMT collects information when you make a booking with TWMT. Our website and technology we use, may automatically collect information such as IP addresses, domains, browsers and details associated with you, when you visit this site. Your information is confidential and is not shared.  TWMT will not use this information to identify individuals or their internet activity and only uses collected information for the purpose it was intended, or to contact you or to improve our internet services for this site.

TWMT will only store personal information that you willingly give to us. 



Indemnity and Release

It is the participant’s responsibility to find out, read and fully understand all of our terms and conditions before using any of our services.

By booking a tour –  self guided tour or guided tour you agree that you understand and agree to the indemnity release detailed below which is between you (and any passengers) and Two Wheels Motorcycle Tours, it’s owners, employees or agents (hereafter called TWMT).

You must agree that you shall participate in or use any of our services entirely at your own risk and that you, your successors, administrators and executors will release, indemnify and not instigate any claim, demand or expense against TWMT for any personal injury, loss of life or damage to personal property suffered during or subsequent to events on the tour.

You must acknowledge that any road whether unsealed or sealed, or any other surface upon which you travel with TWMT, may have defects either hidden or exposed as is the nature of some roads and that this is out of the control of TWMT. You must agree to obey and observe all rules and directions given to you during a tour, whether given in writing or verbally by TWMT and that TWMT has the right to exclude you, or any other participant, from any tour for non-adherence to any rule or

direction given.

You must acknowledge that motorcycle riding and motorcycle touring, whether as a rider or pillion, whether on your own motorcycle or on a hire motorcycle, can be dangerous and that  participation in a tour or ride organised and promoted by TWMT may expose you, (or anyone you have organized our services for, ie a minor, an elderly person or a person with physical or mental disabilities that is under your supervision and is your responsibility), to the possibility of injury or death. Further to this, you must acknowledge that the way other people may ride, drive or act is outside the control of TWMT.

You must acknowledge that there may be no, or inadequate facilities for treatment or transport of participants if participants are injured. You agree that you understand that travel insurance is required to cover all forms of personal injury, repatriation or costs in the event of death or injury and is essential. It is your responsibility to ensure you have the appropriate cover. You agree to wear appropriate motorcycle safety equipment at all times and that you are medically fit to undertake a motorcycle tour.

You must agree that you have read and understood the indemnity release and agree that the motorcycle tour,

whether guided or self guided, undertaken by yourself or someone you have volunteered to use our services, is entirely at yours or their own risk, which you, or you on their behalf, have freely and totally assumed.



TWMT reserves all rights, including copyright under the Copyright Act 1968, of all material on this website. The material includes information, text, material designs, logos, photos and other images or other works or subject matter and any other form of content and may not be re-written, framed, linked, copied, re-sold, re-distributed or transmitted in any way or form by any process, or otherwise used for any reason what so ever without the prior and specific written permission of TWMT.


Release and Waiver

Every participant in any of our Two Wheels Motorcycle Tours services is agreeing to waiver all liability to any compensation payable by TWMT, its owners and employees for any injuries occurring to anyone participating in any of our services. You freely and willingly acknowledge this indemnity release and waiver by using our services for TWMT. By using any of our services you are freely agreeing to all of our terms and conditions.